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Why User Generated Content (UGC) Review System?

By October 10, 2017 No Comments

So the question for businesses is this: what is the best User Generated Content (UGC) review system on the market?

The answer is, and here is why:

1. The software doesn’t integrate with your core operations. was designed to be nimble, lightweight, requires very little oversight to operate and generate an incredible return on investment. When we first started looking at all the direct integrations offering User Generated Content (UGC) possible and offered with other software it was almost overwhelming. However, talking to our customers, we learned that they wanted something easier to use than other systems.

Software updates, computer updates, and new employees make core operations integrations more unreliable than the standalone model — this was the universal feedback we received when we began researching the competition and learning more about what business owners really wanted.

Sometimes, less is more.

Many of the business owners we spoke with cited difficulty integrating and poor support as the major reason they chose to switch to As we researched, we received feedback from business owners who had tried other systems. All of the other User Generated Content (UGC) review systems were more expensive and all of the other systems had much more bells and whistles — many of which, they never utilize.

Some UGC review systems even have certification courses for business owners to understand how to configure and use the software. What business owner has time for that? For larger entities, what is the direct, immediate return on investment when there is a month or more learning curve for a communications or marketing team to go through the certification course?

2. It automatically communicates to every person as an individual, not as a group.

By default, when your customer is added, they receive a quick survey. The survey is important because it gauges how your customer or prospect is feeling at that moment.

Depending on how your customer feels about your product or service (based on the star ratings they give), they are either offered an opportunity to write a review on your review sites — or — in the case of negative feedback, you have the opportunity to reach out and potentially stop a negative review before it is public.