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How Do You Get More Reviews? Just Ask, Apparently.

By October 12, 2017 No Comments

A recent study found 70% of consumers were willing to provide reviews for products and services when asked.

While this information sounds promising, actively conducts research assessments and response rates, and our analysis falls into several categories.

Yes, they say they’ll respond…

The consumers surveyed are the norm. They say that if a company asks for a review, they will respond. Similarly, people often report healthier lifestyles in surveys than in their actual daily practice. Recent studies done show people report that they have healthy lifestyles 75% of the time as opposed to the actual number (approximately 20%) in a survey done by NPR and Truven Health Analytics.

They actually do respond…

This is the interesting statistic. The actual percentage of responses is significantly lower than what the users surveyed report, but there are ways to influence follow-through and increase reviews:

  • Be Concise: Reducing your word count and total number of questions increases the likelihood the consumer will be willing to engage
  • Be Appreciative: Offer an incentive to respond
  • Be Consistent: integrates tools to help with this one!
  • Be Responsive: If you receive a negative review, a partner agency or a member of your team should respond as quickly as possible.

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