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Honestly Connect with Customers — Expect More User Generated Content (UGC)

By October 12, 2017 No Comments

User Generated Content - honestly connect with customers

User Generated Content (UGC) is a hot topic lately and continues to increase in relevance as data is collected from consumers on their thoughts. Most surveys indicate that people are more likely to believe reviews, more than marketing — from influencer campaigns to customer testimonials.

Poor ratings are more prevalent than positive ratings.

Some review sites skew more toward negative reviews, which is another reason FullServiceReview is important for maintaining good communications and positive experiences for your customers and prospects. The number of people who read and write reviews is ever-increasing, in every business sector, and as people continue to recognize the importance of reviews to businesses, the more likely businesses are to receive less-than-ideal feedback.

As a business owner, wouldn’t it be better to address this personally, or have a member of your team connect with the customer, as opposed to the harm done to your reputation when negative opinions are posted online? Reputation Management is big business, and if it can be reduced, the cost savings associated with avoiding negative publicity and feedback are immense. Research on the topic of public opinion and correlation to the sales at a business are well-documented. In a study of Yelp reviews, businesses were almost 50% more likely to be at capacity during peak times with a nominal increase in their star ratings. Clearly, public opinion is crucial to business, and User Generated Content (UGC) is quickly becoming the most reliable marketing capital available to businesses.

User Generated Content (UGC) is part of Reputation Management.

FullServiceReview is a tool that provides reputation management as well as engagement with your customers, as individuals. The goal is to honestly connect with customers and to understand more about your audience. Ultimately, it would be much more useful to understand how to delight your customers and prospects, not just manage them. is a Baseline Creative platform. It was created to do something differently. The founder of Baseline Creative, Inc., Nathan Williams, worked in advertising since 1989. The emergence of business brands seeking more than a slick marketing campaign appeals to the Baseline team as well as the consumer audience.

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